What does therapeutic coaching involve? 
Consider the following scenarios


Scenario 1


You are always at work. If you are not there, you are thinking about it. You wake up in the night thinking about it, or you get up by 6am and have done two hours on email before you even set off. The business is doing fine but you can’t see it.  Once an order is won, a contract achieved, you are onto the next thing, not recognising achievement, simply staving off failure. In your mind, the place cannot operate without your constant oversight. You take on the work of others in addition to your own. You have worked hard all your life, have the financial benefits of that, but you are never content. Work seeps into every part of your life and you never really make any quality time for yourself.


Scenario 2


Despite previous success, your business is having hard times and you feel huge responsibility towards your staff members and their families. You work more and more hours, yet you seem to achieve less and less. Your sleep at night is interrupted and you arrive at work tired. You find it takes twice as long to do jobs that seemed simple and quick previously. Should you stay or should you go? You constantly face all kinds of dilemmas that sap your energy and confidence.


Scenario 3


It is six months away from retirement. You have worked hard all your life to reach this point, yet you feel anxious about it now. Who are you when you are not an accountant (manager, director, solicitor etc.) any more? You consider working for a few more months, even years, yet you know instinctivley this is not really what you want. How do you become retired? Who will you be then?




There are all kinds of paths in life and we need energy and drive to navigate our way along them. The energy may have come from the support and encouragement you receive. Often, quite the opposite is the case and people strive against the difficulties they experience. Always constantly measuring success, never being satisfied.


Achievement does not always bring with it contentment. Sometimes you need to simply take some time out for yourself, to focus in on what is most important for you.


Personal Development (also known as Therapeutic Coaching) gives you an opportunity to spend some time to consider and resolve long held issues and can help you to know, understand and trust yourself more. Without losing your passion for your work, you can achieve clarity on what is important in your life and decide on your direction for the future.


Similarly, facing the end of your career and the beginning of your retirement can be equally daunting. It's unknown territory and if your are being honest, it seems pretty scary. The opportunity to acquaint yourself with the essential you, can help alleviate this anxiety and ease the path into your future and your retirement.





Personal Development sessions are charged at £50 for a 50 minute session.



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