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Counselling and Psychotherapy
What kind of therapy is it?


I offer Integrative Therapy, which incorporates primarily ‘Person-Centred Counselling’ and also ‘Existential Psychotherapy’. I work with you to recognise and address the issues you have in a respectful and impartial way, to find a positive way forward, so that you can get the most out of your life and fulfil your potential. I believe that once we have recognised the difficulties of the past, we can work positively to address the choices you might want to make now and in the future.


Why is therapy the right choice for me?


Over the course of our lives, it is likely that at some point we will experience anxiety, relationship problems or emotional difficulty. Statistics indicate that 1 in 4 of us will suffer from depression at some time in our lives. 


Feeling down, or just a bit low is normal for all of us, but when these feelings begin to affect your daily life, it is wise to seek help.


What happens when I come for therapy?


In the first session, I take a few personal details and health details, and then we complete an agreement, so that you have a full understanding about the terms on which counselling/therapy is offered. Then we can take our time to get to know each other a little, so that gradually you can feel comfortable with me, and trusting of me. 


Some clients like to talk about their problems in detail right from the beginning, others prefer to take more time to uncover their difficulties gradually. Therapy is generally offered on a weekly basis and is ‘open-ended’. This means that the number of sessions is not limited. I find that clients know when they are ready to end. Some find they need to come back again for a while, others like to ‘check-in’ every few months, and some clients find they have done what they need to do after 1 course of sessions. It is entirely individual choice.


How much does it cost?


The cost is £60 for a 50 minute session. Longer sessions can be negotiated individually.


Can I ring and have a chat about it first?


Certainly. Please ring me on 07803358570. I will answer if I can. If not, leave a message with your name and a good time for me to ring back and I will return your call.

Counselling and Psychotherapy
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