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What is Counselling/Psychotherapy?

Essentially, there is little difference.  Counselling can be thought of therapeutic support at the time of a crisis, where Psychotherapy may be seen as support for long-term issues, often with roots in your past. 


Whatever the issue, I use my knowledge of Counselling and Psychotherapy theory to help you address your issues, within a therapeutic relationship that is respectful, compassionate, impartial and positive.




So what kind of therapies do you use?

My practice is Integrative, combining Person-Centred Counselling, based greatly on the work of Carl Rogers, with Existential Therapy which has its roots in Philosophy, including the works of Nietzsche, May, Heidegger and current Existential Psychotherapist, Emmy Van Deurzen.


I help clients to come to terms with past or present events, and work to strengthen their emotional resilience in order to help them move forward with their lives. Each time we weather the storm, we become stronger and better equipped to face more of what life demands of us.


How old do you need to be?

People of all ages come for Counselling or Personal Development, bringing issues as varied as: Relationship Issues, Stress at work, Depression, Bullying and Unhappiness. I generally see clients over the age of 16 years.




What kind of problems do people bring?

Clients bring a wide variety of problems and issues for us to consider. Young people may be affected by bullying and peer pressure at school. This can happen over social media, as well as in person. They might feel under pressure from exams and deadlines. Life might be difficult at home, with parents separating or difficulties with family members or friends. Separation from home and family members can affect young people at Boarding School or College/University.


The use of drugs and/or alcohol is a difficulty that affects all age groups. Clients may be drug users, or they may live with someone who is. Whatever the situation, the abuse of drugs and alcohol can have far reaching effects in families and social groups.


Older clients also bring with them a variety of issues. Relationship problems, depression and anxiety are common, along with health issues such as cancer. Abortion, mis-carriage and infertility may cause both short and long term difficulties can affect relationships, work, confidence and self-esteem. It is not only young people who experience bullying. Workplace bullying is common and can be devastating.


Caring for children or for older people can be stressful and isolating. Having a confidential place to offload and consider your feelings can help support you in your daily life.


Simply reaching a phase of your life, where you feel directionless and unmotivated can benefit from close consideration with a therapist. Life is for living and we all have a right to feel happiness and contentment.


Sometimes it is difficult to see our own potential. Sessions with a therapist can help bring clarity and understanding, perhaps also identifying the choices and opportunities available to us.

Does it mean there is something wrong with me if I come for counselling or psychotherapy?

Both people with diagnosed conditions such as depression, and people without a diagnosed condition can benefit from this service. It doesn't mean there is anything 'wrong' with you. It means that you recognise there is a part of your life that needs understanding and support. Coming for therapy is a positive decision.




Where do the sessions take place?

At my office in central Doncaster, at Danum House, South Parade, Doncaster, DN1 2DY. My office is on the second floor and is quiet and confidential.  




What does it cost?

The price is £60 per session. Please check out the prices by clicking on the service page.

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