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I've worked with some amazing people throughout my career and I take a great deal of pride and personal satisfaction from guiding them through their issues, and helping where I can. Here's just a sample of their comments about the work we have done together...



 I guess we all have difficulties in our lives from time to time and when mine started to get the better of me, I took the uncomfortable step of arranging an appointment with a counsellor. As someone who generally focuses on the needs of others, keeping my problems to myself, this did not come naturally to me at all.


However, I felt at ease with Debbie very quickly and our conversations took me on an important journey which has helped me make sense of my life and better understand the issues I face. In a short time, I have been able to make positive changes that have helped me and my family to function better and feel happier. For that, I am immensely grateful. 

I encourage you, if you are struggling with personal issues, to reach out to Debbie and put your trust in the process. Talking about things with someone impartial and caring really helped me. Maybe it will help you too.

I received an imense amount of support and guidance through, what I have certainly found to be, one of the hardest things to happen to me in my life.

From my first session With Debbie, I felt completely at ease and very able to communicate with her on an extremely personal level.  I was very taken aback by the amount I learned about myself through the positive counselling I received.  I found I was capable to express who I really am and what I really thought without having any feeling of being judged.  The experience for me was definitely enlightening and I admired Debbie's honesty when it was needed.  I would definitely not have been able to find my way through my depression without having such an understanding counsellor.  I would recommend Debbie to anyone appreciates the hard work and honesty that is needed for counselling.  I received an imense amount of support and guidance through, what I have certainly found to be, one of the hardest things to happen to me in my life.

We have known and worked with Debbie for many years.  Debbie has always been exceptionally passionate and professional about her work, with great insight into issues, coupled with a very natural and comfortable way about her.  She has frequently surprised me with her grasp of an unknown issue, being able to see to the very core of a problem, or opportunity.  I would thoroughly recommend Debbie as someone to have on your side and work with, as tomorrow, you will be better for it.


Mathew Lynds - Managing Director - Rejus

I have known Debbie in a professional capacity for four years.  During that time Debbie became a Trustee of The Survivors Trust and contributed to our overall strategy and development as a charity.


As the Chief Executive Officer of a member agency of The Survivors Trust, Debbie has shown extensive knowledge of service provision for vulnerable victims of rape and sexual violence, both male and female, including specialist counselling services and Independent Sexual Violence Advisor services.    


Debbie approaches everything she does with integrity, commitment and compassion.  She is a keen advocate for quality counselling and support services and combines this with excellent business management expertise.


As a trustee of The Survivors Trust, Debbie was supportive and encouraging to both myself as CEO and to her fellow trustees.


Fay Maxted - Chief Executive Officer - The Survivors Trust

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