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Information for the employee

Stress is the number one cause for long-term absence in the work place. The sources of stress vary and may include general problems at work, problems with colleagues or anxiety created by the type of work you do. But sometimes the stress you are suffering may come from difficult situations in your home life, such as relationship problems, bereavement, or financial problems. Health conditions can also affect they way you feel. These may include long-term illness, depression, miscarriage, or injuries.


Whatever the source of your problem, talking to a Counsellor can help you to get a clearer picture of the situation and can support you to come to terms with your issues and work towards a positive way forward.


The personal benefits you gain can include insight, understanding and relief. Benefits at work can include improved concentration, self-confidence and self-reliance, less need to take time off sick and simply feeling happier and more able to cope at work.


Information for the employer


Employee absence from work due to stress related issues costs UK business £370 million per year with the cost to the economy of up to £3.7bn. In addition to this, it is almost impossible to factor in how much work is lost when Employees are not fully effective in their roles, due to stress related issues. 


Investing in supporting Employees improved mental health, is an investment in the overall effectiveness of your business. As well as ensuring that occupational health requirements and your duty of care towards your employees are fulfilled, you can also benefit from a greater sense of loyalty from staff who feel well supported in the workplace.

What is involved and what does it cost?

Sessions are generally divided in to blocks of 6 and a recommendation is made as to the number the employee may need. Most commonly, 6 sessions are offered at a cost of £60 per session. 


At the end of the block of sessions, attendance records and a brief report, respectful of client confidentiality, are supplied if required.


Counselling and Psychotherapy
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