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Business is Emotional & Life is an Emotional Business

Business Coaching is a useful and valuable tool to help people to develop their skills, understand their market place and develop their approach. It supports people to achieve the success they strive for in their chosen field. But is it the complete answer?

My experience in working both in business and with people who work at the top of their field is that developed expertise and recognition are not always the 'drivers' for success, and financial reward is not always enough to satisfy the instinct to succeed.

Some people who succeed in business do so to prove their worthiness to themselves or to others around them. With little or no recognition of their value simply as human beings, family members, friends, they strive to find value in success. Many have battled difficult childhoods, bullying, relationship problems, cycles of success and failure - famine or feast - which simply confirm their low self-esteem and insecurity. Their only measure of their happiness or personal value, is success at work.

What happens when success does not bring happiness? What happens when you falter and success is elusive?

The problem is that your job won't give you a hug or tell you how much you are appreciated and loved. You can't kick a football around the garden with your job. Your job won't come out to dinner with you, go out for a drive to the seaside or watch your kids in the school play.

The list of things your job cannot do for you is immense. The list of things that your family, your friends, those you love, can do for you is immeasurable. For most people, being in a relationship, and receiving love, understanding and friendship is central to their happiness and contentment. But for some, this option is fraught with uncertainty and remains elusive, so their job becomes their chosen life partner.

Do you recognise yourself either fully or partly in these scenarios? Would you like an opportunity to reconcile your difficulties in life, leave the past behind and uncover who you are? Then Personal Development might be what you are looking for. Personal Development offers you an opportunity to explore your issues with a qualified Psychotherapist, who can help you to look into your past and understand how your experiences affect who you are, and how you behave and relate to others today. Personal Development also helps you to decide the shape of your future, based on an in-depth understanding of yourself. This is not just off-loading, it is understanding and appreciating the person you are, and how you might like to develop. There is no set of rules, no master plan, no model for behaviour. It is an individual and personal examination of who you are and who you want to be.

If you think you might benefit from Personal Development, I offer free and confidential, one-hour taster sessions at my offices in central Doncaster. Contact me for an appointment on 07803358570, or email on Daytime and evening appointments are available.

Knowing yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Debbie Partington MA MBACP


Yorkshire Counselling

Mobile: 07803358570

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